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Worst company for any employers disability insurance. They take out 25% FIT and also they take out SS also and they also tax the 70% your paid leaving you with less than 25% income. I have been on disability for 3 weeks and they are the worst company to deal with because they screw the employees of companies who paid into disability. No one should ever purchase from this company Cigna ever. They will destroy your life. I tried to talk to... Read more

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I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea and chronic hypoxema where my brain, heart, lungs, liver, and other vital organs do not get enough oxygen. It was one thing to deny me a sleep study, but then to say I could work when I was falling asleep on the highway and in public places was particularly pitiful. I was so short of breath that I had to stop grocery shopping because the sleep apnea was affecting my body at the cellular level (grade 1... Read more

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My husband, as of 2014 did not qualify for Part D prescription coverage, his disability payments were too high they said, and we could not afford the premiums for Part D coverage so we DECLINED PART D COVERAGE AT THAT TIME! Then at some point in 2015 he was automatically enrolled in Cigna insurance - with out our knowledge. We did not receive any paperwork regarding the enrollment, nor did he receive any benefits for the enrollment. Then in Jan... Read more

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Terrible company... If you have a nice respresentative handling your claim all of a sudden- don't trust them! It's a trick. They're getting ready to terminate your benefits... Don't be fooled into thinking they'll handle your claim fair and responsibly... They have call records from another claimant mixed up in my file, which led to another wrongful termination of benefits. Thanks Cigna! Please correct and remove the inaccurate information in my... Read more

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I had short term disability through Cigna by my employer. First thing was they gave an incomplete list of what was needed to be sent. I had to do that 4 times. By the time I got my first paycheck it was a month. Then when my claim had to be renewed I called them and gave them all they said they needed. I waited and my pay was only what my employer gave me for earned PTO. I called. The girl then informed me that my doctor has to send them... Read more

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  • Cigna
  • Mar 24
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Sucks insurance company. Take ur money away by force and u have to wait till next enrollment period to switch out or cancelled but thoughtout u keep cutting on ur weekly pay n ain't give u right service. Don't even think link with em. When I call n ask ,they told me I have to the first $1500 out my pocket and they will pay deductible sucks sucks. Bad an horrible company. Add comment

I'm canceling after 15 months. Cigna's latest quarterly explanation of "benefits" statement shows payment to my dentist of $17.20 on a bill of $225.00. The premiums I paid for the quarter were $117.00, almost $500 per year. So now, I still owe the dentist $207.80. All of the other quarters before show similar things. And, do you know what the annual limit on payouts is? A measly $1500. So, even if you need major dental work, this is... Read more

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My name is Erika. For the past year I have been dealing with contracting muscle movement due to a nerve stimulater that tightened all my muscles. Cigna has been sending me to doctor to doctor who know nothing about contracting muscles. One doctor asked where I felt the tightest, I told him around the pelvic area, he told me and my girlfriend that maybe he can send me for therapy to loosen that area so I can ***, this was so unprofessional. Why I... Read more

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Their telemarketers harassed me relentlessly for years. They always asked for someone who must have had my cell phone number in the past. I tried and tried to tell them that that person was no longer at this number. I repeatedly tried cussing them out, begging them, threatening them to quit contacting me (so much so that they had their security call and threaten me with the cops), to no avail. They absolutely refused to quit harassing me!... Read more

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  • Cigna
  • Mar 07
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We are new with Cigna and have had 18 denials! For medications and tests!!! Who is the doctor? Cigna? They are the worst and will save a penny to deny your claim! If you have a choice, choose United Healthcare or Blue Cross as their denial rates are 50% less than Cigna! I am so angry at Cigna! We have suffered without needed medications! Run from Cugna! Run away! Add comment

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